Word of the Day : December 24, 2017


noun nuh-TIH-vuh-tee


1 : the process or circumstances of being born; especially, capitalized : the birth of Jesus

2 : a horoscope at or of the time of one's birth

3 : the place of origin

Did You Know?

Nativity is one of many words born of the Latin verb nasci, which means "to be born." The gestation of the word was a long one. Nasci developed in Latin into nativitas, meaning "birth," which passed through Anglo-French as nativité before entering English in the 14th century. Nativity has many siblings and cousins in our language; other terms of the lineage of nasci include cognate, innate, nascent, native, and renaissance.


"The immutability of one's nativity may be why so many are drawn to astrology—according to a 2009 Harris Poll, a full 26 percent of Americans believe in astrology…." — Elijah Wolfson, The Atlantic, 15 Nov. 2013

"'Peace Child' presents the nativity as a historical event and yet speaks to us today through powerful imagery and challenging words to remind us that the true meaning of Christmas is peace." — Cathy SooHoo, The Chicago Daily Herald, 16 Nov. 2017

Name That Synonym

Unscramble the letters to create a synonym of nativity: IUEGERTN.



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