Word of the Day : December 18, 2011


noun KEG-ler


: a person who bowls : bowler

Did You Know?

Some historians trace the game of bowling back to the Stone Age (that information may conjure up images of Fred Flintstone on the lanes), but it was a medieval version of the game that gave us the word "kegler." In medieval Germany, the game was practiced as a test of religious faith and purity. The "Kegel" (bowling pin) represented a heathen, and those who could topple it with a round stone proved that they were free of sin. "Kegel" gave English the nouns "kegling" (meaning "bowling") and "kegler," by way of the German verb "kegeln" ("to bowl"). Nowadays, both words tend to be used humorously by writers referring to the modern game.


"Five keglers … brought home money from the recent Oregon Bowlers Association tournament sponsored by Striking Image Pro Shop at Wilsonville Lanes in Wilsonville, Ore." -- From an article by Rick McCorkle in the Longview Daily News (Washington), November 3, 2011

"Kegler alert: For all other bowlers (keglers in bowling lingo), the grand opening of the 24-lane, smoke-free complex is today." -- From an article in the Idaho Statesman, November 18, 2011

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