Word of the Day : October 27, 2014


noun AH-mij


1 : something done or given as an acknowledgement of a vassal's duty to his lord

2 a : respect

b : tribute

Did You Know?

The root of homage is homo-, the Latin root meaning "man." In medieval times, a king's male subject could officially become the king's "man" by publicly announcing allegiance to the monarch in a formal ceremony. In that ritual, known as homage, the subject knelt and placed his hands between those of his lord, symbolically surrendering himself and putting himself at the lord's disposal and under his jurisdiction. A bond was thus forged between the two; the vassal's part was to revere and serve his lord, and the lord's role was to protect the vassal and his family. Over time, homage was extended from the ceremony to the acts of duty and respect done for the lord, and eventually to any respectful act or tribute.


One scene in the movie was clearly the director's homage to his mentor and idol.

"Click through the slideshow to preview Fili’s homage to Italian typography, including elegant signs for trattorias, … cinemas, and more." - Erica Schwiegershausen, New York Magazine, September 17, 2014

Test Your Vocabulary

What 6-letter word begins with "f" and can mean "the fidelity of a vassal or feudal tenant to his lord"? The answer is …


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