Weekly Vocabulary Words for Kids April 19

Increase your child's vocabulary with this list.

  1. affinity | see definition»

    a strong liking for or attraction to someone or something

  2. aplomb | see definition»

    confidence and skill shown especially in a difficult situation

  3. diffuse | see definition»

    to spread or allow to spread freely

  4. ensue | see definition»

    to come after in time or as a result : FOLLOW

  5. guardian | see definition»

    a person who legally has the care of another person or of another person's property

  6. influx | see definition»

    the arrival or inward flow of a large amount of something (such as money)

  7. longevity | see definition»

    the length of time that something or someone lasts or continues

  8. ordinary | see definition»

    to be expected : NORMAL, USUAL

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