The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon, Vocabulary List Chapters 41-49

The Season of Styx Malone Vocabulary Lists

  1. abandon | see definition»

    to leave and never return to (someone who needs protection or help)

    If the situation was reversed, Styx would stand by us. How could we abandon him?

  2. contemplate | see definition»

    to think deeply or carefully about (something)

    We lingered outside the windows of the hardware store, contemplating.

  3. enthusiast | see definition»

    a person who is very excited about or interested in something

    "...It's good stuff any motorcycle enthusiast would love."

  4. exhilarating | see definition»

    causing strong feelings of happy excitement and elation

    Every second was exhilarating - better than a bike, better than a car.

  5. grimace | see definition»

    to twist the face

    Styx winked, then grimaced, touching his forehead.

  6. inhale | see definition»

    to breathe in

    I swear, sometimes it was like he'd inhaled Essence of Dad and was breathing it back out.

  7. loom | see definition»

    to appear in a large, strange, or frightening form often in a sudden way

    A man's shadow loomed over us.

  8. miraculous | see definition»

    very wonderful or amazing like a miracle

    There was nothing miraculous about the storm in my belly.

  9. mirage | see definition»

    something (such as a pool of water in the middle of a desert) that is seen and appears to be real but that is not actually there

    In the cartoons, when you think you're seeing a mirage, you rub your fists into your eyes and it clears right up.

  10. prominent | see definition»

    easily noticed or seen

    A set of four highball glasses. Each with the genuine Harley-Davidson logo prominently placed.

  11. register | see definition»

    to be recognized or remembered

    I didn't register what was happening at first.

  12. ricochet | see definition»

    to bounce off a surface and continue moving in a different direction

    Styx's words ricocheted inside me.

  13. scold | see definition»

    to speak in an angry or critical way to (someone who has done something wrong)

    "Boys," Mom scolded, in her I'm-worried-don't-mess-with-me voice.

  14. somber | see definition»

    having a dull or dark color

    I pictured the man and woman in their somber gray suits.

  15. villain | see definition»

    a person who does bad things

    Villains were supposed to be big and covered with blood or spikes or something.

  16. wail | see definition»

    to make a long, high sound

    The man paced and prayed and sirens wailed in the distance.

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