The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-5

The Season of Styx Malone Vocabulary Lists

  1. cardinal | see definition»

    : of first importance : MAIN, PRINCIPAL

    It all started the moment I broke the cardinal rule of the Franklin household: Leave well enough alone.

  2. enormity | see definition»

    : great evil or wickedness : great size

    The enormity of our recent stupidity washed over me.

  3. enunciate | see definition»

    : to pronounce words or parts of words clearly

    “No, a me-di-a-tor,” Styx repeated, enunciating the syllables.

  4. escalate | see definition»

    : to increase in extent, volume, or scope : EXPAND

    Her voice had escalated right through shouting mode into a high, quiet dogs-only range.

  5. gunnysack

    : a large bag made of rough, heavy cloth (such as burlap)

    Cory Cormier stood on one of the picnic tables, alongside the largest gunnysack I had ever seen.

  6. lanky | see definition»

    : tall and thin with usually an awkward quality

    His lanky arms fell to his sides, harmless.

  7. mediate | see definition»

    : to work with opposing sides in an argument in order to bring about an agreement

    In an hour, I’ll come mediate your dispute with Cormier.

  8. obliging | see definition»

    : willing to help : helpful in a friendly way

    She giggled obligingly and banged on his arms with her fat fists.

  9. salivate | see definition»

    : to have a lot of saliva produced in your mouth because you see or smell food that you want to eat

    I didn’t even know what was in the bag, but I began salivating.

  10. scrawny | see definition»

    : very thin in a way that is not attractive or healthy

    He was a whole head taller than Bobby Gene, but he was scrawny, with long, knobby limbs like a praying mantis.

  11. scurry | see definition»

    : to move quickly

    We scurried out to Mom’s station wagon with our tails between our legs.

  12. shagbark hickory | see definition»

    : a hickory (Carya ovata) of eastern North America with sweet edible nuts and a gray shaggy outer bark that peels off in long strips

    He was sitting on a stump at the base of a ragged old shagbark hickory.

  13. summon | see definition»

    : to call into being : AROUSE

    Maybe we summoned him, like a superhero responding to a beacon in the night.

  14. threadbare | see definition»

    : worn so much that the thread shows : SHABBY

    The couch was a threadbare blue stripey thing, with cushions flattened from long use

  15. whim | see definition»

    : a sudden wish or desire : a sudden change of mind

    I would do whatever it took to become Cory Cormier’s right-hand man, doling out fireworks at my whim.

  16. whisk | see definition»

    : to move suddenly and quickly

    “Franklin boys.” Mom whisked a finger in front of us. “Car.”

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