Summer Ball by Mike Lupica, Vocabulary List Chapters 16-18

Summer Ball Vocabulary List

  1. assist | see definition»

    an action (such as passing a ball or puck) that helps a teammate to score

    Danny thought he had played all right, a few assists, no turnovers, no shots attempted.

  2. basic | see definition»

    forming or relating to the most important part of something

    He seemed to run the same basic offense every time.

  3. blowout | see definition»

    an easy victory : a game or contest in which the winner defeats the loser by a large amount

    Danny was hoping for a blowout.

  4. carom | see definition»

    to hit and bounce back at an angle

    Danny's pass was right on the money, hitting the board right above the square, like a carom shot in pool.

  5. circumstances | see definition»

    conditions at a certain time or place

    Danny did, not knowing what else to do under the circumstances.

  6. clench | see definition»

    to set or close tightly

    He felt his fists clenched at his sides and hoped he wouldn't have to use them.

  7. infirmary | see definition»

    a place for the care and housing of sick people

    But they had already called for Dr. Bradley by then, who showed up and said he wanted to take Cole up to the infirmary.

  8. gesture | see definition»

    to move your hands, arms, etc., to express an idea or feeling

    He saw Coach Powers walking toward him from the bench area, gesturing for Danny to stay where he was.

  9. ligament | see definition»

    a tough band of tissue that holds bones together or keeps an organ in place in the body

    He wanted to know everything about the knee, whether the swelling was on the inside or the outside, if the doctor was sure that it was just a sprain and not ligaments.

  10. muggy | see definition»

    being very warm and humid

    Danny was in the phone booth with the door open, because it was a hot, muggy night in Cedarville.

  11. precaution | see definition»

    something that is done to prevent possible harm or trouble from happening in the future

    Just a precaution.

  12. rookie | see definition»

    a first-year player in a professional sport

    He should have remembered how his dad's basketball life - and nearly his whole life - ended in that first car accident in his rookie year.

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