Recipe Vocabulary List

A pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, bake at 350 until golden brown! Practice your vocabulary with these delicious recipe words.

  1. baste | see definition»

    to moisten (as with melted fat or juices) while roasting

  2. beat | see definition»

    to mix by stirring rapidly

  3. broil | see definition»

    to cook or be cooked directly over or under a heat source

  4. Bundt | see definition»

    used for a cake pan having a tube in the center and scalloped sides

  5. confection | see definition»

    a very fancy and usually sweet food

  6. fold | see definition»

    to incorporate (a food ingredient) into a mixture by repeated gentle overturnings without stirring or beating

  7. golden brown | see definition»

    a variable color averaging a strong brown that is yellower and slightly darker than gold brown, yellower and paler than average russet, and yellower and less strong than rust

  8. ladle | see definition»

    a large and deep spoon with a long handle that is used especially for serving liquids

  9. mince | see definition»

    to cut or chop into very small pieces

  10. popular measurements

    cup: a unit of measure that equals half a pint or eight fluid ounces

    liter: a metric unit of liquid capacity equal to 1.057 quarts

    ounce: a unit of liquid capacity equal to ¹/₁₆ pint (about 30 milliliters)

    pinch: as much as may be picked up between the finger and the thumb : a very small amount

    pint: a unit of liquid capacity equal to one half quart or 16 ounces (about .47 liter)

    quart: a measure of liquid capacity that equals two pints (about .95 liter)

    tablespoon: a unit of measure used in cooking equal to ¹/₂ fluid ounce (about 15 milliliters)

    teaspoon: a unit of measure used in cooking equal to ¹/₆ fluid ounce or ¹/₃ tablespoon (about 5 milliliters)

  11. preheat | see definition»

    to heat (an oven) to a particular temperature before putting food to be cooked inside

  12. sauté | see definition»

    to fry (food, such as small pieces of meat or vegetables) in a small amount of fat

  13. seasoning | see definition»

    an ingredient (such as a condiment, spice, or herb) added to food primarily for the savor that it imparts

  14. skillet | see definition»

    a frying pan

  15. spatula | see definition»

    a kitchen utensil with a long handle and a wide blade used for scraping batter from a bowl or for lifting and flipping food

  16. strain | see definition»

    to press or pass through a strainer : FILTER

  17. whisk | see definition»

    a kitchen utensil of wire used for whipping (as eggs or cream)

  18. zest | see definition»

    small pieces of the skin of a lemon, orange, or lime that are used to flavor food

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