Greenglass House by Kate Milford Vocabulary List, Chapters 4-6

Greenglass House vocabulary words for chapters 4-6

  1. conceivable | see definition»

    able to be imagined : imaginable or possible

    There were bits in every conceivable shade of green.

  2. entice | see definition»

    to attract (someone) especially by offering or showing something that is appealing, interesting, etc.

    Irresistible Blandishment: you can entice even the most reluctant to do as you ask.

  3. ephemera | see definition»

    things that are important or useful for only a short time : items that were not meant to have lasting value

    The spaces between these makeshift partitions had been filled in little by little with the ephemera of years upon years,...

  4. exploit | see definition»

    an exciting act or action

    Surely Negret’s father would’ve made certain his son could pull this exploit off.

  5. forlorn | see definition»

    feeling sad and lonely especially because of being left alone

    Negret looked at the old lady sitting forlornly over her tea.

  6. inadvertent | see definition»

    not intended or planned

    “Startled, Julian dropped his walking stick and turned in a circle, but there didn’t seem to be anyone there. He looked toward the dunes, in case he’d inadvertently wished upon another star..."

  7. indiscernible | see definition»

    impossible to see, hear, or know clearly

    “Plus, it has pockets! Gotta have a way to carry your gear on a campaign. I shall name it the Cloak of Golden Indiscernibility.”

  8. indistinct | see definition»

    not easily seen, heard, or recognized : not distinct or clear

    He pulled that one, and then another farther in, and then the next, but even once all four bulbs had carved out their individual pockets of illumination, he and Sirin were still standing in a mostly dim and indistinct space.

  9. nondescript | see definition»

    not easily described : having no special or interesting qualities, parts, etc. : typical and uninteresting

    There was the nondescript Mr. Vinge swirling his fork in the last dregs of maple syrup on his plate.

  10. pensive | see definition»

    quietly sad or thoughtful

    He’d meant it jokingly, but Clem’s feet stilled and her face took on a pensive expression.

  11. precarious | see definition»

    not safe, strong, or steady

    ...here a collection of iron-banded teak chests piled up like a giant’s discarded luggage; there a bank of chairs of all sorts, balanced precariously one atop the next;...

  12. preposterous | see definition»

    very foolish or silly

    “Sounds like it is in this story, Doc. I mean, I’ve heard of wishing trees, so I don’t know that wishing sticks sound all that preposterous. Also, it’s a story,” she said pointedly.

  13. relic | see definition»

    something that is from a past time, place, culture, etc.

    “A relic is a trace of something—something that survives or remains to remind us of something that once was. That’s why some religious articles are called relics. They remind us of saints or martyrs. But anything can be a relic.”

  14. salvage | see definition»

    to rescue or save especially from wreckage or ruin

    "...My means are limited by this weather, but if there’s something that would salvage Christmas for you, we’ll give it a try. I mean, we’ll do the Yule log and sing carols and stuff, definitely, but other than that. Think about it, and let me know.”

  15. shrewd | see definition»

    having or showing an ability to understand things and to make good judgments : mentally sharp or clever

    Clem gave him a shrewd look as footsteps sounded on the staircase.

  16. venerable | see definition»

    old and respected : valued and respected because of old age, long use, etc.

    “Mine is a very old, very venerable family.” The old lady stirred her tea meditatively.

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