Framed! by James Ponti Chapters 12-17

Framed! Vocabulary List

  1. allocate | see definition»

    to set apart for a particular purpose

    "And I have to allocate the expense to a certain budget."

  2. ancillary | see definition»

    providing something additional to a main part or function : extra

    "Ancillary field equipment and devices."

  3. anxious | see definition»

    afraid or nervous especially about what may happen

    I don't know if "anxious" is the right word, but I was definitely curious about the day ahead.

  4. avid | see definition»

    very eager

    Judging by his reactions to sports talk radio, he's an avid fan of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

  5. awe | see definition»

    a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder

    "Florian, I am totally in awe of you."

  6. consistency | see definition»

    a pattern of sticking with one way of thinking or acting

    "And nothing helps organization more than consistency."

  7. conspiratorial | see definition»

    suggesting that something secret is being shared

    Every now and then Kayla and I shared a conspiratorial smirk and shook our heads.

  8. disposition | see definition»

    a person's usual attitude or mood

    Kayla was my instructor for the entire day and somehow maintained her cheery disposition, no matter what we were doing.

  9. elation | see definition»

    the quality or state of being filled with joy or pride

    Her elation turned to frustration.

  10. eternity | see definition»

    a period of time that seems endless

    "In the event of the zombie apocalypse they would remain uneaten for all eternity."

  11. evasive | see definition»

    done to avoid harm, an accident, etc.

    "Tactical and evasive driving."

  12. felony | see definition»

    a very serious crime

    "They get to know each other and instead of getting married like your parents, they decide to commit a felony."

  13. generation | see definition»

    a group of people born and living during the same time

    "You have a once-in-a-generation gift."

  14. haven | see definition»

    a safe place

    "The firehouse is a safe haven, and if you can't take care of your baby, you can bring her here without getting in trouble."

  15. incredulous | see definition»

    feeling or showing disbelief

    "What's wrong with my people skills?" I asked incredulously.

  16. obscure | see definition»

    not easily understood or clearly expressed

    "You're clever, so I had to make them obscure."

  17. persuasive | see definition»

    able or likely to convince

    I didn't want to make a promise I couldn't keep, but she was persuasive.

  18. preeminent | see definition»

    more important, skillful, or successful than others : better than others

    "His name is Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez and he's one of the world's preeminent forensic scientists."

  19. premium | see definition»

    a high or extra value

    "That means your perps have at least a twenty-minute head start and time is at a premium."

  20. rendezvous | see definition»

    a planned meeting

    "We should stop it and perform a hard target search of each car in case they ditched the truck and are taking the train to some sort of rendezvous point."

  21. sheepish | see definition»

    showing or feeling embarrassment especially because you have done something foolish or wrong

    "Yeah," I said sheepishly.

  22. skeptical | see definition»

    having or showing doubt

    "buenas tardes," he said skeptically.

  23. sly | see definition»

    showing that you know a secret

    "Either that or they think they're smarter than the FBI and can uncover some clue the experts missed," she said with a sly grin.

  24. vague | see definition»

    not clearly expressed

    Beyond the pickup time and the instruction to bring gym clothes, the text was pretty vague on details.

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