Flightless Birds Vocabulary

Flightless birds vocabulary words

  1. cassowary | see definition»

    any of a genus (Casuarius) of large ratite birds chiefly of New Guinea and northern Australia that have a horny casque on the head and are closely related to the emu

  2. dodo | see definition»

    a large heavy bird unable to fly that once lived on some of the islands of the Indian Ocean

  3. emu | see definition»

    a large fast-running Australian bird that cannot fly

  4. hoopoe | see definition»

    a crested Old World nonpasserine bird (Upupa epops of the family Upupidae) having a slender decurved bill and barred black-and-white wings and tail

  5. kakapo | see definition»

    a large chiefly nocturnal burrowing New Zealand parrot (Strigops habroptilus) that has green and brown barred plumage and well-developed wings with little power of flight

  6. kiwi | see definition»

    a grayish brown bird of New Zealand that is unable to fly

  7. ostrich | see definition»

    a very large bird of Africa that often weighs as much as 300 pounds (140 kilograms) and runs very fast but cannot fly

  8. penguin | see definition»

    a short-legged seabird that cannot fly, uses its stiff wings for swimming, and is found in the colder regions of the southern hemisphere

  9. rhea | see definition»

    a tall flightless South American bird that resembles but is smaller than the ostrich

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