Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Vocabulary List Chapters 28-34

Fish in a Tree Vocabulary List

  1. bulge | see definition»

    to swell, curve outward, or stick out

    Albert's pockets are bulging by the time we line up to go inside.

  2. consultant | see definition»

    a person who gives professional advice or services

    "As a matter of fact, I already spoke to Mrs. Silver and Miss Kessler, the reading consultant at school."

  3. dyslexia | see definition»

    a learning disability in which a person usually has a problem in reading, spelling, and writing

    "I think you might have something called dyslexia."

  4. extensive | see definition»

    including or affecting many things

    "Albert Einstein had extensive theories on its possibilities."

  5. grateful | see definition»

    feeling or showing thanks

    I look up and lock eyes with him and wish I had the words to tell him how grateful I am for his helping me.

  6. formal | see definition»

    arranged in a very orderly and regular way

    "Until we can get you into formal services here at school."

  7. incorporate | see definition»

    to include (something) as part of something else

    "We are going to incorporate more of your senses to practice letters and sounds."

  8. opponent | see definition»

    a person or thing that takes an opposite position in a contest, fight, or controversy

    The object of the game is to trap your opponent's king, but not actually capture it.

  9. parameter | see definition»

    a rule or limit that controls what something is or how something should be done

    "Filling the refrigerator does not fall within the parameters of my responsibilities."

  10. research | see definition»

    careful study and investigation for the purpose of discovering and explaining new knowledge

    "I have collected samples and will do further research."

  11. scoundrel | see definition»

    a mean or wicked person

    I'm thinking Noah Webster was a scoundrel and they should have put him in jail for this.

  12. theory | see definition»

    an idea or opinion that is presented as true

    "Albert Einstein had extensive theories on its possibilities."

  13. temporary | see definition»

    not permanent

    "And this is temporary."

  14. venomous | see definition»

    having or producing venom : POISONOUS

    "A stonefish is way more dangerous with its thirteen venomous spines."

  15. visionary | see definition»

    a person who has an exceptional ability to plan or have ideas for the future

    A lady talks about what a visionary Noah Webster was to create the first American spellers and dictionaries.

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