Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu Chapters 1-3

Breadcrumbs Vocabulary List

  1. abdicate | see definition»

    to fail to do what is required by (a duty or responsibility)

    Tyler and his friend Bobby made it very clear that they blamed her for Jack's abdication of duty.

  2. attuned | see definition»

    aware of and attentive or responsive to something

    The average Lovelace fifth grade could not differentiate this from her normal state, but Hazel was attuned to these kinds of subtleties.

  3. bewildered | see definition»

    deeply or utterly confused or perplexed

    A crowd gathered around him as the teachers looked at each other, bewildered.

  4. brook | see definition»

    to allow (something) to exist or happen

    This was not the sort of nonsense Mrs. Jacobs would brook.

  5. camaraderie | see definition»

    a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group

    Though whether out of the camaraderie bent of surviving hardship or out of some desire to strangle the car, Hazel was not sure.

  6. coda | see definition»

    something that ends and completes something else

    It seemed innocuous, a soft coda to the storm of the morning.

  7. conspiratorial | see definition»

    suggesting that something secret is being shared

    "Are you guys going out?" Molly repeated, her voice low and conspiratorial.

  8. contradiction | see definition»

    a difference or disagreement between two things which means that both cannot be true

    Jack just stared at her, like he did not see the contradiction, like he could not even fathom what it was.

  9. eventually | see definition»

    at some later time : in the end

    And though they eventually grew out of Wonderland Arctic space-people tea parties, that essential thing remained the same.

  10. evocative | see definition»

    bringing thoughts, memories, or feelings into the mind

    "Like bees. Very evocative."

  11. fathom | see definition»

    to understand the reason for something

    Jack just stared at her, like he did not see the contradiction, like he could not even fathom what it was.

  12. impassive | see definition»

    not feeling or showing emotion

    She looked ahead impassively.

  13. imperceptible | see definition»

    not noticeable by the senses or by the mind : very small or gradual

    Her mom looked up at her and let out a nearly imperceptible exhale.

  14. innocuous | see definition»

    not harmful

    It seemed innocuous, a soft coda to the storm of the morning.

  15. interject | see definition»

    to interrupt what someone else is saying with (a comment, remark, etc.)

    "We're starting with the villain," Martin interjected.

  16. involuntary | see definition»

    not done by choice

    Hazel sucked in her breath involuntarily, bringing in a blast of cold.

  17. literally | see definition»

    in a way that uses the ordinary and usual meaning of a word

    They could have meant that literally.

  18. mundane | see definition»

    relating to ordinary life on earth rather than spiritual things

    The truth of things was always much more mundane than what she could imagine, and she did not understand why people always wanted to replace the marvelous things in her head with this miserable heap of you're-a-fifth-grader-now facts.

  19. perpetual | see definition»

    occurring continually : CONSTANT

    Now, slinging her perpetually uncool backpack on her shoulders, Hazel headed through the tall fence, up to the side entrance that they were supposed to use if they were late, and buzzed to be let in.

  20. pristine | see definition»

    not changed by people : left in its natural state

    Everything was pristine.

  21. remorse | see definition»

    deep regret for doing or saying something wrong

    It took three steps for the remorse to hit her.

  22. subdued | see definition»

    lacking in liveliness, intensity, or strength

    There was something about Jack, something subdued about his very appearance, as if he had dampened his own hue so as not to contrast with his mother's too brightly.

  23. technically | see definition»

    according to a very strict explanation of a rule, fact, etc.

    Hazel did not think this was the time to tell her she was, technically, running a red light.

  24. traverse | see definition»

    to pass through, across, or over

    The street outside Hazel's house looked like it might only be traversable by tauntaun.

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