A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 1 Chapters 7-9

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. addle | see definition»

    to make or become confused

    Old Caesar thought maybe they were addled.

  2. allude | see definition»

    to talk about or hint at without mentioning directly

    To allude to their gifts without giving them away.

  3. amend | see definition»

    to change for the better : IMPROVE

    Before Kinchen could protest, Caesar swallowed and amended her statement.

  4. disdain | see definition»

    a feeling of dislike for someone or something considered not good enough

    His rare fountain of words showed his disdain for swimming lessons.

  5. entwine | see definition»

    to twist or twine together or around

    Their fingers, still entwined, these two little pilgrims.

  6. feign | see definition»

    to put forward as true something that is not true

    When asked to read the tale aloud, he'd often feign a sore throat.

  7. gnarled | see definition»

    being twisted, rugged, or full of knots

    Other times -like when he was sick- she studied his wrinkled face and his his gnarled hands.

  8. grudging | see definition»

    said, done, or given in an unwilling or doubtful way

    Kinchen listened grudgingly.

  9. interior | see definition»

    the inner part of something

    Hard to tell in the dim interior of the bag.

  10. lanky | see definition»

    very tall and thin

    Just entering the lanky years between toddlerhood and puberty.

  11. mild | see definition»

    gentle in personality or behavior

    "I'm sorry, child," he said mildly.

  12. peer | see definition»

    to look curiously or carefully

    With her knife, she cut the rope that bound the bag shut, yanked the top open, and peered inside.

  13. rash | see definition»

    done or made quickly and without thought of the likely result

    "And to stop him from making... a rash mistake."

  14. reminiscent | see definition»

    being a reminder of something else

    Reminiscent of Pip's own thatch of hair.

  15. spatter | see definition»

    to splash with drops or small bits of something wet

    Kinchen jerked back to avoid getting spattered.

  16. spiteful | see definition»

    having or showing a desire to harm, anger, or defeat someone : having or showing spite

    "Your Raft King," she added spitefully.

  17. vacant | see definition»

    showing a lack of thought or expression

    Her face vacant and unfocused.

  18. volition | see definition»

    the act or power of making choices or decisions without being influenced by other people : WILL

    They didn't do anything of their own volition.

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