A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 7 Chapter 1 - Part 9 Chapter 1

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. blanch | see definition»

    to turn pale

    The other a blanched cousin to the captain and crew that had held Venus in the slave ship so many years ago.

  2. boast | see definition»

    to have and be proud of having

    Tathenland boasted three pubs and a library.

  3. bulky | see definition»

    great in size or volume

    He grew taller and bulkier and quieter, and eventually he became their first king.

  4. concoct | see definition»

    to prepare (as food) by putting several different things together

    The Tathenlanders -as alone in the big new world as the Raftworlders- concocted a party that lasted for days.

  5. convict | see definition»

    a person serving a prison sentence

    The other, descended from a shipload of English convicts who'd been blown through to the second world in a storm only a few years before Venus herself had stepped over.

  6. drastic | see definition»

    severe in effect : HARSH

    "And since turning back would take a drastic change of heart, he'll be a statue forever."

  7. ebb | see definition»

    to get worse

    She awoke one morning and felt her life ebbing out of her.

  8. generally | see definition»

    in most cases : USUALLY

    From then on, when people walked up to him, they generally told him who they were.

  9. girdle | see definition»

    to move around : CIRCLE

    Passing away without having girdled the ocean and led his people home.

  10. meld | see definition»

    to blend or mix together

    Their many languages melded slowly into a tongue they called Homeland.

  11. object | see definition»

    to oppose something firmly and usually with words

    But she didn't object, either.

  12. perspective | see definition»

    a way of looking at or thinking about something

    (Or, from the Kraken's perspective, the top of her head.)

  13. punctuate | see definition»

    to interrupt or occur in repeatedly

    The years went be, long travels over the ocean punctuated with brief visits to Tathenland.

  14. recess | see definition»

    a secret or hidden place

    During the long winter nights she dug into the recesses of her memory.

  15. relief | see definition»

    a pleasant and relaxed feeling that someone has when something unpleasant stops or does not happen

    She nodded and looked up almost with relief on her face.

  16. reply | see definition»

    to say or do in answer

    He held his hand up to stop her replying.

  17. tale | see definition»

    something told

    This whole, book, this entire tale, is the rest of Venus's story.

  18. tamp | see definition»

    to put a check on : REDUCE, LESSEN

    But she tamped them down. Kept them quiet.

  19. tandem | see definition»

    working or happening together or at the same time

    That was the oddest thing about the world here: that it was ruled in tandem, by these women.

  20. translucent | see definition»

    not transparent but clear enough to allow rays of light to pass through

    The statue was made of soft gypsum, almost translucent, much weather-damaged.

  21. unison | see definition»

    in exact agreement

    The two governors moved their hands above the tea set in jerky unison.

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