Synonyms and Antonyms of utmost

  1. 1 most distant from a center supreme power that extended to the utmost points of the empire Synonyms farthermost, farthest, furthermost, furthest, outermost, outmost, remotest, ultimate, extremeRelated Words aftermost, rearmost, sternmostNear Antonyms intermediate, medial, median, mid, middle, midmostAntonyms inmost, innermost, nearest

  2. 2 of the greatest or highest degree or quantity inhabitants of the war-ravaged region are experiencing the utmost misery imaginable Synonyms consummate, last, max, maximum, most, nth, outside, paramount, supreme, top, ultimate, uttermostRelated Words unequaled (or unequalled), unmatched, unparalleled, unrivaled (or unrivalled), unsurpassed; biggest, hugest, largest; topmost, upmost, uppermostNear Antonyms littlest, minutest, smallest, tiniest; lowest; fewestAntonyms least, minimal, minimum, slightest

  3. 3 of the highest degree an intelligence operation that must be conducted with the utmost secrecy Synonyms greatest, maximum, top, topmost, full, utterRelated Words heightened, highNear Antonyms lessened, lowAntonyms least, littlest, lowest, minimal, minimum, slightest

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