Synonyms and Antonyms of sideways

  1. 1 with one side faced forward I had to walk sideways to get between the two towering piles of boxes Synonyms broadside, crabwise, edgeways [chiefly British], edgewise, sidewise Related Words aslant, indirectly, obliquely; laterally, sideward (or sidewards) Near Antonyms dead, direct, right, straight

  2. 2 with distrust she glanced at us sideways when she heard us claim we weren't there that night Synonyms distrustfully, doubtfully, doubtingly, dubiously, mistrustfully, askance, skeptically, suspiciouslyRelated Words hesitantly, hesitatingly, incredulously, questioningly, quizzically, unbelievingly; charily, guardedly, warily; captiously, critically, cynically, deprecatingly, disapprovingly, disparagingly, negatively, reproachfully, reproachingly, reprovingly, unfavorably; anxiously, apprehensively, uncomfortably, uneasilyNear Antonyms approvingly, favorably, positively; confidently, sanguinely; credulously, uncritically, unquestioninglyAntonyms trustfully, trustingly

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