Synonyms and Antonyms of rambler

  1. 1 a person who roams about without a fixed route or destination <a rambler her whole life, my aunt is likely to send me a postcard from just about any corner of the world> Synonyms drifter, gadabout, gypsy, knockabout, maunderer, nomad, roamer, rover, stroller, vagabond, wanderer, wayfarerRelated Words laggard, straggler; lingerer, loiterer, sojourner; bum, hobo, tramp; passenger, sightseer, traveler (or traveller); migrant, transient, vagrant; ambler, sauntererNear Antonyms homebody; denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabitant, resident, settler

  2. 2 a person who travels by foot for exercise or pleasure <a secluded sylvan spot just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous rambler> Synonyms ambler, perambulator, hiker, tramper, walkerRelated Words pedestrian; roamer, rover, trekker, wanderer, wayfarer; alpinist, backpacker, climber, mountaineer

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