pipe down


Synonyms and Antonyms of pipe down

  1. 1 to become still and orderly if you don't pipe down, we're turning this car around and going straight home! Synonyms calm (down), chill out [slang], cool, hush, quiet, settle (down)Related Words dry up; relax, tranquilize (also tranquillize), unwind, zone outNear Antonyms clown (around), fool around, horse around, monkey (around), show off, skylarkAntonyms act up, carry on, cut up

  2. 2 to stop talking Pipe down or I'll cancel recess!” the teacher commanded Synonyms belt up [British], clam up, dry up, dummy up, hush, shut up, quiet (down)Related Words calm (down), cool (down), settle (down); haw, hemNear Antonyms pipe up, sound off, speak out, speak up, spout (off), talk upAntonyms speak, talk

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