live wire


Synonyms and Antonyms of live wire

  1. 1 a very energetic person the babysitter will have her hands full with those two little live wires Synonyms dynamo, fireball, pistolRelated Words bootstrapper, go-ahead, go-getter, highflier (or highflyer), hummer, hustler, powerhouse, rustler, self-starter; achiever, comer, dasher; doer, enterpriserNear Antonyms dawdler, idler, loafer, lounger, trifler; clock-watcher, goldbrick, shirker, slacker; couch potato, deadbeat, do-nothing, drone, layabout, lazybones, slouch, slug, slugabed, sluggard; dallier, laggard, lingerer, loiterer, slowpoke, stick-in-the-mud

  2. 2 an ambitious person who eagerly goes after what is desired that new reporter on the police beat is a real live wire Synonyms bootstrapper, go-ahead, highflier (or highflyer), hummer, hustler, go-getter, powerhouse, rustler, self-starterRelated Words eager beaver; achiever, comer, doer, enterpriser; he-man, individualistNear Antonyms dawdler, idler, loafer, lounger, putterer, trifler; goldbrick, malingerer, procrastinator, shirker, slacker; drone, lazybones, sluggard; dallier, laggard, lingerer, loiterer, slowpoke, stick-in-the-mud; ignorer, ne'er-do-well, neglecter; daydreamer, dreamer; dropout, quitter

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