horsing around


Synonyms and Antonyms of horsing around

  1. wildly playful or mischievous behavior at the beach there was a lot more horsing around on the sand than actual swimming in the water Synonyms buffoonery, clownery, clowning, foolery, high jinks (also hijinks), horseplay, monkey business, monkeying, monkeyshine(s), roughhouse, roughhousing, shenanigan(s), skylarking, slapstick, tomfooleryRelated Words childishness, clownishness, foolishness, funning, jesting, joking, nonsense, silliness, waggery; boisterousness, rambunctiousness, rowdiness, rowdyism, rumbustiousness [chiefly British]; devilry (or deviltry), impishness, knavery, mischief, mischievousness, prankishness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, trickery; cavorting, frivolity, frolicking, gamboling (or gambolling), merrymaking, playfulness, revelry, roistering, romping, sporting, sportiveness

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