Synonyms and Antonyms of grandee

  1. a man of high birth or social position only a Spanish grandee—and no one of lesser rank—can address comments to the king and queen of Spain Synonyms gentleman, lord, milord, nobleman, peerRelated Words country gentleman, squire; cavalier, chevalier, knight; don, hidalgo, nabob, nawab, seigneur, seignior, sheikh (or sheik); baron, baronet, count, duke, earl, esquire, marchese, margrave, marquess (or marquis), master, prince, princelet, princeling, raja, viscount; lordship, sire [archaic]Near Antonyms boor, churl, cottar (or cotter), fellah, peasant, peon; commoner, pleb, plebeian; proletarian; toiler

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