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  1. 1 a person of advanced years in that Asian society elders are accorded great respect Synonyms ancient, senior citizen, geriatric, golden-ager, oldster, old-timer, seniorRelated Words gaffer, graybeard, patriarch, whitebeard; beldam (or beldame), dowager, grandam (or grandame); adult, grown-up; dotardNear Antonyms adolescent, minor; child, cub, juvenile, kid, kiddie (also kiddy)Antonyms youngster, youth

  2. 2 one who is above another in rank, station, or office as your elder in the company, he is within his rights to tell you what to do Synonyms better, superior, seniorRelated Words boss, chief, head, leader, masterNear Antonyms assistant, deputyAntonyms inferior, subordinate, underling

  3. 3 one who is older than another it wouldn't hurt to show a little more respect for your elders Synonyms seniorRelated Words ancestor, forerunner, predecessorNear Antonyms contemporary, peer; descendant (also descendent), successorAntonyms junior

  4. 4 the senior member of a group as the elder of the contingent of living former presidents, he was accorded a place of highest honor at the ceremonies Synonyms doyen, dean, elder statesman, éminence grise, nestor, seniorRelated Words better, superior; old hand, old-timer, vet, veteranNear Antonyms doyenne; inferior, subordinate, underling; beginner, colt, fledgling, freshman, greenhorn, neophyte, newbie, newcomer, novice, recruit, rookie, tenderfoot, tyroAntonyms baby, junior

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