Synonyms and Antonyms of commemorate

  1. 1 to be a memorial of <a stone obelisk commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill> Synonyms memorialize, monumentalize Related Words celebrate, keep, observe, remember; enshrine, exalt, glorify, honor; bless, consecrate, sanctify, solemnize Near Antonyms disgrace, dishonor

  2. 2 to mark with an appropriate practice, rite, or ceremony <let's commemorate Martin Luther King Day with readings of some of Dr. King's speeches> Synonyms celebrate, keep, observeRelated Words bless, consecrate, sanctify, solemnize; fete (or fête), honor, laud, praise; memorialize, rememberNear Antonyms blow off, disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, overlookAntonyms break, transgress, violate

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