Synonyms and Antonyms of church

  1. 1 a building for public worship and especially Christian worship <a city that is noted for its many historic churches> Synonyms kirk [chiefly Scottish], tabernacle, temple Related Words abbey, bethel, cathedral, chapel, minster, mission, oratory, sanctuary, shrine; meetinghouse; mosque, pagoda, shul, synagogue (also synagog)

  2. 2 a body of persons gathered for religious worship <spoke to the whole church at once> Synonyms assembly, congregationRelated Words flock, laity, parish; communion, confession, denomination, fold, sect

  3. 3 the group ordained to perform clerical functions in the Christian church <a time when few young men seem to want to join the church> Synonyms clergy, cloth, first estate, ministry, spirituality, spiritualtyRelated Words diaconate, episcopate, hierarchy, presbytery; clerkship, monkhood, priesthoodAntonyms laity

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