Synonyms and Antonyms of chasteness

  1. 1 the quality or state of being morally pure her unchallenged chasteness put her on the fast track for sainthood Synonyms chastity, immaculacy, innocence, modesty, purityRelated Words goodness, righteousness, virtue, virtuousness; morality, probity, rectitude; decency, decorum, propriety, seemlinessNear Antonyms badness, evil, sinfulness, unrighteousness, wickedness; impropriety, indecency, vulgarityAntonyms immodesty, impurity, unchasteness, unchastity

  2. 2 abstention from sexual intercourse their marriage of consensual chasteness seems to have worked for both the composer and his wife Synonyms abstinence, celibacy, chastity, continenceRelated Words modesty, purity; honor, innocence, virginity, virtueNear Antonyms debauchery, lechery, licentiousness, venery, wenching, whoring

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quaintly unconventional or refined

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