Synonyms and Antonyms of anyhow

  1. 1 in spite of everything even though it's raining, I'm going to the golf course anyhow Synonyms regardless, anyway, anyways [chiefly dialect], whateverRelated Words after all, however, nevertheless; always

  2. 2 without definite aim, direction, rule, or method clothes that were hurriedly stuffed anyhow into the suitcase Synonyms aimlessly, hit or miss, anyway, anywise, desultorily, erratically, haphazard, haphazardly, helter-skelter, irregularly, randomly, willy-nillyRelated Words arbitrarily, capriciously, carelessly, casually, indiscriminately, informally, offhand, offhandedly, promiscuously, whimsically; accidentally, fortuitously, inadvertently, unconsciously, unintentionally, unwittingly; disconnectedly, disjointedly, fitfully, intermittently, spottily, unpredictably; higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvyNear Antonyms carefully, formally, gingerly, meticulously, orderly, punctiliously; deliberately, intentionally, purposefully, purposelyAntonyms methodically, systematically

  3. 3 whatever else is done or is the case your mother called and said you don't need to stop by, but I think you should anyhow Synonyms always, anyway, leastways [dialect], leastwise

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