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plural of account
as in versions
a presentation of an artistic work (as a piece of music) from a particular point of view the pianist gave an account of the sonata that revealed a very mature understanding of the work

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as in statements
a record of goods sold or services performed together with the costs due please add this meal to my restaurant account

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as in funds
a sum of money set aside for a particular purpose after paying the tuition, there was still money left for books in her special account for college expenses

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as in considerations
a careful weighing of the reasons for or against something take into account the potential problems that come with keeping a horse

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as in explanations
a statement given to explain a belief or act he could offer no credible account for why he had been absent from work for two hours

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as in reasons
something (as a belief) that serves as the basis for another thing for that account alone you should agree that the system needs overhauling

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present tense third-person singular of account

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