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Examples of 'Articulate' in a Sentence

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  • Her voice rose; it was noisy, but scarcely articulate.
  • A sound of craving and eagerness that had nothing articulate in it but blood.
  • He watched it, silent, thoughtful, and without articulate comment.
  • For a second there was nothing articulate in that cry of savage exasperation, nothing even intelligent.
  • But it was scarcely a time for articulate conversation.
  • Here there was an unanimous shout of delight, followed by articulate blessings and utterances of gratitude.
  • He was not articulate, and his gratitude caused me inexplicable pain.
  • But music was not articulate.
  • Such a message is naturally veiled and half articulate.
  • Maximilian tried to speak, but he could articulate nothing; he staggered, and supported himself against the wainscot.
  • He did not move an inch, nor articulate a sound.
  • Anne of Austria started, and raised her arms towards Heaven, without being able to articulate a single word.
  • I tried to tell him what I thought of him, but I could not articulate a word.
  • 'And now, sir,' said Venus, 'having prepared your mind in the rough, I will articulate the details.'
  • Raskolnikov's voice broke and he seemed unable to articulate the words clearly.
  • "And have you made much money by your thinking?" she managed to articulate at last.
  • He almost fell back in his place: his voice broke: he could hardly articulate the last phrase.
  • His lips were moving as though trying to articulate something; no sound came, but still his lips moved.
  • He was quite beside himself, and could hardly articulate his words for rage.
  • Every now and then the lank man's lips fell apart, to indicate a word he could not articulate.
  • Levin, shaking with sobs and unable to articulate a word, went out of the room.
  • His mouth twitched, and his parched tongue seemed unable to articulate.
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