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Examples of 'Abate' In a Sentence

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  • But suddenly, with an almost magical abruptness, Julius's anger abated.
  • By this time the storm was much abated.
  • Although the sun was sinking the heat seemed not to abate.
  • But her self-consciousness in presence of Chirac did not abate.
  • She would not abate one crease in her forehead to the appeal of his surprised glance.
  • And the storm had not abated, the wind had not changed, and the tide was rapidly drawing out.
  • "I don't know," he said sharply, abating nothing of his fierceness.
  • When the snow storm abated a moment we looked again.
  • Nothing could abate his restlessness.
  • I waited some time, but the confusion of his thoughts appeared in no degree to abate.
  • When my disease abated, Pleyel had forborne his visits, and had lately set out upon this journey.
  • These ideas tended to abate my abhorrence of this man, and to detect the absurdity of my accusations.
  • It was not for his friend to abate that confidence.
  • The stationer's heart begins to thump heavily, for his old apprehensions have never abated.
  • It must be abated.
  • But abate this intolerable nuisance, and soon.
  • At last the fever abated and the boy commenced to mend.
  • His wife resumed her remarks with slightly abated animation, and at a slower pace.
  • As for that young man, the resentment of Mr Allworthy began more and more to abate towards him.
  • The latter was not yet ended, when the sensation among the men had entirely abated.
  • The poor afflicted woman wept and prayed, but the baillie would not abate aught of his severity.
  • It has done nothing but rain all summer; the wind irritates me; the wind does not abate.
  • Nothing could abate Mrs. March's faith in her advertisements.
  • At night in the cool winds the fever abated and she slept.
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