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Lookups spiked 59,000% on October 28, 2021

Why are people looking up meta?

Meta spiked in lookups on October 28th, 2021, after a large company (one which has undergone a recent spate of less-than-stellar press) announced that this word would be its new name.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday at his company’s Connect event that its new name will be Meta.
— Kim Lyons, The Verge, 28 Oct. 2021

What does meta mean?

Meta has a variety of meanings, as an adjective and as a prefix. In the role of the former it may mean “showing or suggesting an explicit awareness of itself or oneself as a member of its category : cleverly self-referential” or “concerning or providing information about members of its own category.” Both of these senses are considered informal.

As a prefix meta- can carry such meanings as “change, transformation,” “after,” or “derived from by loss of water.”


Guys with weird names, girls with creepy tattoos and a splintered universe form the core of this novel that's so meta it loses itself to its own cleverness.
Kirkuys Reviews, 15 Jun. 2011

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