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vas aberrans of Haller

noun vas ab·er·rans of Hal·ler \-ˈab-ə-ˌranz-əv-ˈhäl-ər\

Medical Definition of vas aberrans of Haller


vasa aberrantia of Haller

  1. :  a blind tube that is occasionally present parallel to the first part of the vas deferens and that may communicate with the vas deferens or with the epididymis—called also ductulus aberrans

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Albrecht von

(1708–1777), Swiss biologist. Haller made important contributions to physiology, anatomy, botany, embryology, scientific bibliography, and even poetry. One of his preeminent publications was his eight-volume work on the physiology of the human body. Published between 1757 and 1766, it constitutes a landmark in medical history. He also published works summarizing the anatomy of the genitals, the brain, and the cardiovascular system. His discoveries in nerve and muscle action laid the foundations for the advent of modern neurology.

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