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muscle dysmorphia


Medical Definition of muscle dysmorphia

  1. :  pathological preoccupation with the perceived smallness or weakness of one's body and musculature often leading to excessive exercise (such as bodybuilding), steroid abuse, or eating disorders A typical sufferer of muscle dysmorphia is a man who weighs himself several times a day, compulsively examines himself in the mirror, and fails at relationships because he is unwilling to devote time or energy to others …—Eileen Smith, USA Today, 24 Nov. 1997 … researchers from Boston's McLean Hospital compared 30 normal weightlifters to 24 men with muscle dysmorphia—a disorder defined by a pathological preoccupation with increasing muscularity.—Kelly McCarthy, Psychology Today, January/February 2001—called also bigorexia, reverse anorexia; see body dysmorphic disorder

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