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adjective hy·per·re·spon·sive \-ri-ˈspän(t)-siv\

Medical Definition of hyperresponsive

  1. :  characterized by an abnormal degree of responsiveness (as to a physical or emotional stimulus) … it makes the tissue much more sensitive (or hyperresponsive) to the original trigger.—Stephen Hoffmann, The Harvard Medical School Health Letter, May 1991


\-nəs\play noun The presence of airway hyperresponsiveness to exercise suggests lack of control of asthma.—Johnathan A. Leff et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, 16 July 1998


\-ri-ˌspän(t)-ˈsiv-ət-ē\play noun plural


adrenocortical hyperresponsivity hyperresponsivities to touch and sound

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