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hemoglobin A1c

noun \-ˌā-ˌwən-ˈsē\

Medical Definition of hemoglobin A1c

  1. :  a stable glycoprotein formed when glucose binds to hemoglobin A in the blood Blood sugar was assessed by measuring the amount of hemoglobin A1c in the participants' blood, a test that looks for hemoglobin with sugar attached to it.—Gina Kolata, The New York Times, 22 Dec. 2005; also :  a test that measures the level of hemoglobin A1c in the blood as a means of determining the average blood sugar concentrations for the preceding two to three months—called also A1c, glycated hemoglobin, glycohemoglobin, glycosylated hemoglobin, HA1c, HbA1c

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