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coronary artery bypass


Medical Definition of coronary artery bypass

  1. :  a surgical procedure performed to shunt blood around a narrowing or blockage in the coronary artery of the heart that usually involves grafting one end of a segment of blood vessel (such as the saphenous vein) removed from another part of the body into the aorta and the other end of the segment into the coronary artery beyond the obstructed area to allow for increased blood flow <The artery-dilating procedure, which uses a balloon or other device guided to the restricted artery by a cardiac catheter, is less invasive and traumatic than coronary artery bypass surgery.—Andrew Skolnick, The Journal of the American Medical Association, 24 Oct. 1990> <Diagnostic workups that help a physician decide whether a patient should have coronary bypass or drugs to treat heart disease should be performed on the basis of a particular patient's status.—Science News, 13 Dec. 1980> When more than one coronary artery or branch is bypassed, the number of times (double, triple, etc.) is often specified. <Four days later he underwent a quadruple coronary bypass operation.—Jerry Kirshenbaum, Sports Illustrated, 14 Feb. 1983> —abbreviation CABG

Variants of coronary artery bypass


coronary bypass


coronary artery bypass graft


coronary artery bypass grafting


coronary bypass graft


coronary bypass grafting

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