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noun chla·myd·i·o·sis \klə-ˌmi-dē-ˈō-səs\

Medical Definition of chlamydiosis



\-ˌsēz\ play
  1. :  an infection or disease caused by bacteria of the family Chlamydiaceae: such asa or avian chlamydiosis :  psittacosis Around Washington, D.C., this spring there was an outbreak of avian chlamydiosis, a bacterial infection that is spread through contaminated droppings.—Eirik Blom, Bird Watcher's Digest, September/October 1994b:  feline pneumonitis Chlamydiosis is a painful eye inflammation that can also cause sneezing and a nasal discharge. The vaccine doesn't protect cats from infection, but can decrease the severity of the disease if a cat becomes infected.—Rhonda Owem, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 23 Nov. 2005

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