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bundle of His

noun \-ˈhis\

Medical Definition of bundle of His

  1. :  a slender bundle of modified cardiac muscle that passes from the atrioventricular node in the right atrium to the right and left ventricles by way of the septum and that maintains the normal sequence of the heartbeat by conducting the wave of excitation from the right atrium to the ventricles—called also atrioventricular bundle, His bundle

Biographical Note for bundle of his




(1863–1934), German physician. A pioneer cardiologist, His was one of the first to recognize that the heartbeat originates in nodes of modified heart muscle. In 1893 he described the atrioventricular bundle, which is now often known as the bundle of His. He is also remembered for his description of trench fever in 1916, when it was a major medical problem.

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