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arcuate artery


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  1. :  any of several arteries that curve and arch: asa:  any of the branches of an interlobar artery of the kidney that form arches over the base of the pyramids <At the base of the renal pyramids, the interlobar arteries branch into the arcuate arteries.—Stephen W. Leslie, Urology Board Review, 2009>b:  a branch of the dorsalis pedis artery of the foot that arches across the top of the middle of the foot and supplies blood especially to the toes <In subjects with a good blood supply to the foot, the arcuate artery, a continuation of the dorsalis pedis on the dorsum of the metacarpals, can be palpated.—Derek Field and Jane Owen Hutchinson, Field's Anatomy, Palpation, and Surface Markings, 2006>

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