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arcuate artery


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  1. :  any of several arteries that curve and arch: asa:  any of the branches of an interlobar artery of the kidney that form arches over the base of the pyramids At the base of the renal pyramids, the interlobar arteries branch into the arcuate arteries.—Stephen W. Leslie, Urology Board Review, 2009b:  a branch of the dorsalis pedis artery of the foot that arches across the top of the middle of the foot and supplies blood especially to the toes In subjects with a good blood supply to the foot, the arcuate artery, a continuation of the dorsalis pedis on the dorsum of the metacarpals, can be palpated.—Derek Field and Jane Owen Hutchinson, Field's Anatomy, Palpation, and Surface Markings, 2006

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