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adjective an·ti·fi·lar·i·al \-fə-ˈlar-ē-əl, -ˈler-\

Medical Definition of antifilarial

  1. :  tending to destroy filarial worms or to inhibit their growth By 1978, the Merck pharmaceutical laboratories had isolated an effective antifilarial antibiotic, called ivermectin, which was extracted from a species of fungus.—Stanley M. Aronson, The Providence (Rhode Island) Journal-Bulletin, 23 Oct. 2000; also :  produced in response to filarial infection … 11% of U.S. service personnel who were stationed in filariasis-endemic regions of South Vietnam had antifilarial antibodies.—Wayne Melrose and Peter A. Leggat, Military Medicine, July 2005


noun … an attempt to develop ideal antifilarials capable of eliminating both the microfilariae and adult worms with no toxic effect on the host …—C. R. Pfaltz et al., Progress in Drug Research, 1990

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