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almond oil


Medical Definition of almond oil

  1. 1a:  a colorless or pale yellow bland and nearly odorless nondrying fatty oil expressed from sweet or bitter almonds and used as an emollient in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics—called also expressed almond oil, sweet almond oilb:  a colorless to yellow essential oil owing its characteristic odor and flavor to benzaldehyde and its toxicity to hydrocyanic acid that is obtained from bitter almonds and is used in medicine as an emollient and after removal of the hydrocyanic acid as a flavoring agent—called also bitter almond oil

  2. 2:  any of several essential oils very similar in properties and uses to bitter almond oil and obtained from amygdalin-containing kernels (as of the peach or apricot) other than almonds—called also bitter almond oil

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