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adjective ae·rog·e·nous \ˌa(-ə)r-ˈäj-ə-nəs, ˌe(-ə)r-\
variants: or


\ˌer-ō-ˈje-nik\ play

Medical Definition of aerogenous

  1. :  transmitted by or involving transmission by air Increased lambing or shearing during the warmer, drier seasons could increase the risk of aerogenous spread of C[oxiella] burnetii from birth products or wool to humans …—Wiebke Hellenbrand et al., Emerging Infectious Diseases, September 2001


\ˌer-ō-ˈje-ni-k(ə-)lē\ play also


adverb The viruses are shed in urine, droppings, and saliva, and humans are mainly infected aerogenically by inhaling aerosols containing the virus.—Hilde Kruse et al., Emerging Infectious Diseases, December 2004

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