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Sjögren's syndrome

noun Sjö·gren's syndrome
variants: also

Sjögren syndrome


Medical Definition of Sjögren's syndrome

  1. :  a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects especially older women, that is characterized by dryness of mucous membranes especially of the eyes and mouth and by infiltration of the affected tissues by lymphocytes, and that is often associated with rheumatoid arthritis—called also sicca syndrome, Sjögren's, Sjögren's disease

Biographical Note for sjögren's syndrome



Henrik Samuel Conrad

(1899–1986), Swedish ophthalmologist. Sjögren served as a professor of medicine at Lund, Sweden, and eventually held the position of chief physician at the hospital there. He invented ophthalmological instruments. He first described Sjögren's syndrome in 1933.

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