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Müllerian duct

variants: or

Mullerian duct


müllerian duct


mullerian duct

Medical Definition of Müllerian duct

  1. :  either of a pair of embryonic ducts parallel to the Wolffian ducts and giving rise in the female to the fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and upper portion of the vagina—called also paramesonephric duct

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Johannes Peter

(1801–1858), German physiologist and anatomist. Müller is generally acclaimed as one of the greatest biologists of all time. In 1834–40 he published a handbook of physiology that ranks as the first great text on that subject produced in the 19th century. In histology he described the microscopic anatomy of a large series of secreting glands. He was the first to classify the excretory system of the glands as an independent system of tubes; he noted that the blood vessels formed only a capillary network. He described the Müllerian duct in 1825.

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