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noun plural Gor·di·a·cea \ˌgȯr-dē-ˈā-sh(ē-)ə\

Medical Definition of Gordiacea

taxonomic synonym of nematomorpha

Biographical Note for gordiacea


\ˈgȯr-dē-əs\play , Greek mythological character. Gordius was the king of ancient Phrygia. In his capital city he contrived an intricate knot that lashed a pole to the yoke of his chariot. According to the prophecy of an oracle, the person who could undo the knot would someday be the conqueror of Asia. Alexander the Great marched through the site, and, according to popular legend, he readily solved the problem simply by cutting the knot. Worms of the class Gordiacea are so-called because of the intricate twists and coils they form.

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a trip made at another's expense

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