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Ehlers–Danlos syndrome

noun Eh·lers–Dan·los syndrome \ˈā-lərz-ˈdan-(ˌ)läs-\

Medical Definition of Ehlers–Danlos syndrome

  1. :  an inherited disorder of connective tissue with several clinical forms characterized especially by extremely flexible joints, elastic skin, and excessive bruising

Biographical Note for ehlers–danlos syndrome


\ˈā-(ˌ)lerz\play ,

Edvard L.

(1863–1937), Danish dermatologist. Ehlers can claim priority in recognizing Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, having reported the disorder in 1901.


\dȧⁿ-lō\play ,


(1844–1912), French dermatologist. In 1908 Danlos published his own description of the syndrome to which his name and Ehlers' have become attached.

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