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Behcet's disease

noun Beh·cet's disease \ˈbā-səts-\
variants: or

Behcet's syndrome


Behçet's disease


Behçet's syndrome

Medical Definition of Behcet's disease

  1. :  a rare disease of unknown cause that is marked by chronic inflammation of blood vessels with symptoms including ulcerative sores especially of the mouth and genitals, inflammation of the eye, and joint swelling and pain … has struggled with what was diagnosed as Behcet's disease, a form of vasculitis, which causes lesions, mouth blisters and joint pain.—Brad Townsend, The Dallas Morning News, 14 May 2012

Biographical Note for behcet's disease




(1889–1948), Turkish dermatologist. Behçet published his original description of Behcet's syndrome in 1937.

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