wonders never cease

Definition of wonders never cease


  1. —used to say that one is happy and surprised by something good that has happened He was on time for work all week. Wonders never cease! My story is finally getting published! Will wonders never cease?

Word by Word Definitions

wonderplay wonders
  1. :  a cause of astonishment or admiration :  marvel

    :  miracle

    :  the quality of exciting amazed admiration

  1. :  to be in a state of wonder

    :  to feel surprise

    :  to feel curiosity or doubt

  1. :  wondrous, wonderful: such as

    :  exciting amazement or admiration

    :  effective or efficient far beyond anything previously known or anticipated

  1. :  not ever :  at no time

    :  not in any degree :  not under any condition

  1. :  to cause to come to an end especially gradually :  no longer continue

    :  to come to an end

    :  to bring an activity or action to an end :  discontinue

  1. :  cessation

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