with some justification

Definition of with some justification

  1. :  not unreasonably She noted with some justification that other people had experienced similar problems.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  being an unknown, undetermined, or unspecified unit or thing

    :  being one, a part, or an unspecified number of something (as a class or group) named or implied

    :  being of an unspecified amount or number

  1. :  one indeterminate quantity, portion, or number as distinguished from the rest

    :  an indefinite additional amount

  1. :  about

    :  in some degree :  somewhat

    :  to some degree or extent :  a little

  1. :  the act, process, or state of being justified by God (see justify 2c)

    :  the act or an instance of justifying something :  vindication

    :  an acceptable reason for doing something :  something that justifies an act or way of behaving

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a favoring of the simplest explanation

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