adjective wif·ty \ˈwif-tē\

Definition of wifty

  1. :  ditzy

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Did You Know?

Wifty is a synonym of "ditzy." And, like "ditzy," its origins remain unknown. The earliest known print appearance of "wifty" is in a quotation that appeared in the Delaware County Daily Times (Chester, Pennsylvania) in 1972, though the word was certainly being used in spoken English before that. "Ditzy" appears to be almost as old as "wifty"-we are able to trace it back to at least 1974. But "dizzy," which in its Old English origins meant "foolish" or "stupid," has been used in a sense similar to "ditzy" or "wifty" since the 16th century.

Origin and Etymology of wifty

origin unknown

First Known Use: 1972

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to cast off or become cast off

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